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This summer ...

This is going to be a summer of hard work. Writing projects and more ...
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And beyond ...

How soon will I accomplish these goals? My current goals include ...

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Y ahora un recado ...

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Quisiera decirle que podemos escribirnos en espaņol.

"Wishing you good health and success ..."

Self Defense Articles

Not only have I been an editor on some very important and major martial-arts works, but I also write articles on practical methods of self defense.

My focus is always on the practical, and I especially like techniques that don't require a lot of strength.

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Kate Pascal Timeline

Would you like to know what I have been up to the past few (15+) years?

Here's a mini-autobiography of some key events in my life.

These include the birth of my daughter, my husband, my career, travels, and more.

I'll even mention a pet or two.

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This Month -- Review by Kate Pascal

tiptoeing to tranquililty

Are you a woman or teen in search of a safer life? This month, I'd like to review a soft cover book about "Finding Comfort and Safety in Dangerous Times." It's cute parable. And yes, it's a book that I edited. But that's not why I am reviewing it.

There are some good points to the book ... and a few weaknesses, too.

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